Nemesis (Νεμεσις)

The goddess of revenge, Nemesis (Νεμεσις) metes out a merciless punishment to those who succumb to hubris: arrogance and indifference. The name can be translated as ‘to give what is due.’ In popular culture and everyday speech, Nemesis is generally used to refer to an arch enemy.

Most food crops used by humanity are pollinated by bees. The mass death of bees is considered one of the greatest threats to food production all over the world. No decisive explanation for the disappearance of bees has yet been found, but one of the key reasons is thought to be human activity, such as monoculture crops and pesticides.

The installation consists of 1 000 000 dead bees. The bees used in the work died of natural causes and were collected in the course of two winters.


Kunsthall Charlottenborg. 2017. (DN)
MUU Gallery Kaapeli. 2014. (FI)