A Feast with King Midas (2013)

A Feast with King Midas is an experimental short film, which deals with mortality, the overuse of our natural resources and the  cockiness of the human psyche. It is also a current interpretation of the Vanitas-topic – the description of human mortality.

Experimental short film. Three channel and one channel theatrical version. (3min 35s)

Merida Film Festival. 2018. (MEX)
Samuelis Baumgarte Galerie. 2017. (GER)
New York City Independent Film Festival. 2017. (USA)
Mediabox/Forumbox. 2014. (FI)
Helsinki Short Film Festival. 2014. (FI)
Haihara Art Center. 2014. (FI)
Hyvinkää Art Museum. 2014. (FI)
Helsinki Art Museum. 2013. (FI)